Friday, February 10, 2023

Some LifeSaving advice for the people in this "Choose RNs" commercial


Trigger warning:  This one is going to be mean.  That is to say, even more mean than usual.

I'm sorry, but- does anything jump out at you about pretty much every person in this commercial?  The couple walking on the beach, and 67% of their offspring.  The nurse practitioner that the guy goes to see about how every time he eats 200 tacos at one sitting he suffers from heartburn, or something (there's no audio, but I'm really good at reading lips, so I'm 99% positive that's what he's complaining about.)  The med tech who takes the order for more tests.  The second nurse practitioner who then gives silent but I'm sure sage advice to the other parental unit we saw influencing the tides on the beach earlier.  

See it now?  I mean, I'm not wrong here, am I?

Practically every freaking person in this commercial about health care providers is suffering from morbid obesity- the pandemic nobody wants to talk about.  The one that has been out of control for several decades now and is only getting worse; in fact, which is actually becoming normalized in commercials that have nothing to do with health, which is bad enough without just casually normalizing it in an ad which is supposed to be ALL ABOUT HEALTH.  The first patient had a BLOCKAGE IN AN ARTERY but we don't end the ad with him taking a brisk walk or serving salad to his dangerously overweight family, "lesson learned and lifestyle adjusted."  Nope.  We see him sitting on his butt strumming a guitar.  

But hell, why should we expect him to be getting good health advice from people who wouldn't take it for themselves?  Sorry, Registered Nurses- but I wouldn't go to a dentist with bad teeth, I wouldn't hire Pee Wee Herman to be my personal trainer, and I simply can't take you seriously as long as you are carrying around excess deadly adipose tissue.  If all you did was get this guy to a surgeon to have expensive, dangerous surgery and then sent him back into the world to resume a terrible lifestyle that he's sharing with his wife and passing on to his children, well, it's hard for me to consider you "health specialists" at all.  I mean, thanks for the stent and everything, but shouldn't we be talking about preventive care?  I mean, just to pass the time before my next 911 call?

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