Friday, June 30, 2023

I guess I just don't get Ethos Life.....


(or Life Insurance in general, for that matter....)

1.  These people "knew" that they "needed" life insurance, but "didn't want" to go through the "hassle" of applications other paperwork...I don't know, this just comes off as lazy and wanting to do something very important in as half-assed a manner as possible.  Seems like "careful" and "time-consuming" kind of goes along with "important"- but again, I don't know.

2.  Every Ethos Life Insurance company harps on the fact that it's "100 percent on-line."  Maybe it's the Boomer in me, but I don't see how "100 percent on-line" is an attractive quality for something like life insurance.  Personally, I'd much rather sit down and talk to an agent and do something like set up my family* for financial security one-on-one with a human being rather than rely on an online system that may or may not be available without spending an hour maneuvering an automated phone menu to maybe, hopefully, possibly get a real person on the line to talk about an issue.  Is it just my age speaking?

*I don't get all this "worrying" about "having enough life insurance."  Your family isn't going to get the money until you are dead, and once you're dead, nothing that happens to anyone is going to impact you in any way.  Did these people benefit from life insurance?  Because they seem to be doing just fine without a windfall.  In the age of two-income households, do we really need this extra monthly expense?  Isn't the surviving spouse just as likely to do just fine until they get remarried five minutes after your funeral?  Isn't the whole idea of "needing to provide financially" even after you are dead a relic from a simpler time?  

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Evie, Ethos Life, and an annoying family preparing to die


So Evie is some kind if insurance genie or sprite waiting to pop into existence whenever two stupid shlubs mention the possibility of purchasing life insurance, I guess?  

Fat idiot is inexplicably standing in his own living room drinking a cup of takeout coffee and eating a pancake with his bare hands while standing perpendicular to his wife and children (wife is standing perpendicular to the children, because this is what people do, I guess.)  Nobody looks like they are doing anything other than filming a commercial, which of course is what they are doing.

Evie the Insurance Pixie shows up, flips her hair in slow motion to let us know that she's Evie the Insurance Pixie for Ethos Life, and lets the stupid parents know that they can buy life insurance without any health exam which is the first concern of the fat schlub parents because they are obviously unhealthy fat schlubs who aren't interested taking care of themselves and therefore really need life insurance.  

In seconds, this guy can use his phone- which has magically appeared in his hand to replace the pancake he dropped on the floor in reaction to Evie showing up- to find out how much money he can leave his dependents if/when he drops dead of a heart attack, probably while stuffing something unhealthy into the cake hole under his nose.  Happy Ending for his family, happy ending for this commercial, happy ending especially if he's considerate enough to have that heart attack at work and not in the living room. 

Saturday, June 24, 2023

Prevagen's con is hiding in plain sight


It's a spectacular failure of the FDA that places like GNC can not only exist but become multi-billion dollar entities peddling BS "supplements" that can promise basically anything as long as they don't claim to be medication.  It's another spectacular failure of the FDA- and America's "truth" in advertising laws- that we can be regularly buried with the claims of elderly people who we are told STRAIGHT OUT are accepting money in exchange for BS about a non-drug that "improves brain performance" or whatever.

These people are identified as "Paid Testimonialists" ("testimonialist" is not even recognized as a word by my spellcheck, but whatever- it still sounds better than "shill" or "liar.")  They are being handed cash to make claims about a pill which has as its main ingredient jellyfish protein (we all know how jellyfish never forget anything.  Ever see a confused jellyfish?  Well, there you go.)  

My best guess is that Prevagen doesn't cause any harm,* which is the gold standard for anything you can pick up at GNC or the "Holistic Supplement" aisle of your grocery store.  What a racket.

*except to your wallet, since "regular strength" costs about a dollar a day and "professional strength" (more jellyfish protein?  More Vitamin D?) about three dollars a day.  Again, what a racket.

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

I think you meant "Rue the day," Burger King


Adding up the damage, we find that this $5 meal comes to 930 calories, fully half of which is comprised of FAT- and that's being generous and assuming that the soda is Diet.  If it's not, we're talking more like 1200 calories.  For one meal.  With very, very little nutritional value but lots and lots of empty carbs that will leave you feeling bloated for a very brief amount of time, and then very hungry at almost exactly the time you find yourself driving home from work, right past Burger King, which I'm sure is totally coincidental.  

So if you want to consume 2/3rds of your recommended calorie intake- and more than 100 percent of your recommended fat and salt intake- in fifteen minutes or so of sad grazing in your car or at a booth inside one of your local Burger King "restaurants," well, here's your opportunity to do it for not a whole lot of money.  Just keep in mind that if you eat pretty much ANYTHING for breakfast and dinner, you've got nobody but yourself to blame when your A1C is up at your next doctor's visit, not to mention that lousy exhausted, foggy-brained feeling you had all afternoon after inhaling this garbage in a moment of weakness because some stupid jingle was in your head, it only costs $5 and it was, after all, Right There. 

Sunday, June 18, 2023

These SoFi loans are made by people who have never actually been in debt. That's obvious.


First, why does every single SoFi commercial feature someone with exactly the same amount of debt down to the freaking penny ($4017.24?)  I mean, it doesn't matter if they got in trouble with credit cards, or had medical issues, or (in this particular case) student loans- it's always the same amount.  If we were at war, I'd think it was a secret code being sent to our enemies or something.  Heck, I still think that might be the case.

Second, why does every single person in these SoFi commercials insist on telling us that their debts are a big deal while also showing us a lifestyle suggesting the exact opposite?  All of these people have substantial apartments or houses, all seem to be gainfully employed- but $4017.24 is hanging over their heads like a freaking sword of Damocles? It didn't stop you from getting that luxury apartment or house and filling it with furniture.  Why is it bothering so much that you felt the need to get a consolidation loan (that's what SoFi is.  It's a consolidation loan service.  Period)?  I don't get it. 

Saturday, June 17, 2023

This Mattress Firm Commercial shows us the times we live in


Look at each person in this Mattress Firm commercial.  Notice something about them?  Watch again.     

It's not just Lucia, the woman we see waking up at the beginning of the ad.  If the year was 1975 and you saw this commercial, you'd notice it immediately.  Today, it's harder to spot- because what I'm focusing on has become much, much more normal. 

Yes, I'm talking about of the people in this ad.  Lucia is morbidly obese.  And the other two people we see are also overweight- the guy floating through the store at the end has a sizeable belly that might not look that big to you because we just saw Lucia.  In 1975, the two Mattress Firm employees we see would be instantly recognized as carrying excess adipose tissue, and Lucia would be instantly recognized as being dangerously, almost comically fat.  In 2023, I bet most people don't even note the size of these people.  Even Lucia looks like someone we'd expect to see in the grocery store or or on the train or at the beach.  The other two people?  They don't stand out- they are pretty "normal" looking.  But the fact is that nobody in this ad looks healthy.  Yet their obvious health problems are not addressed at all.  

Lucia "woke up in the right bed," but I'm actually surprised she didn't wake up wearing a CPAP machine, as sleep apnea is extremely common among the morbidly obese.  She went to Mattress Firm and bought a mattress from two overweight people who, if they don't get their act together, are very likely to be in Lucia's situation in a few years or so.  But there's no problem, because Capitalism is on it, producing more and more stuff to help people who have weight issues ignore those weight issues for as long as possible- mattresses, seatbelt extenders, scooters, etc.- instead of responding to that big blaring alarm going off when they look in the mirror.  It's no wonder that the average lifespan in the Western World leveled off a few years ago (after rising steadily for 300 years) and is actually starting to trend downwards.  It's getting bad out here. 

Friday, June 16, 2023

Grammarly Presents: the 14th and 15th Reasons Why


14.  This woman's "great idea" was....sparkly ketchup.  And after she managed to get it marketed, she realized that this is what she'd be known for.  Sparkly ketchup.  

15.  She then realized that she needed Grammarly to put this "great idea" into words that would sell it.  So her great idea was sparkly ketchup, but she couldn't articulate this great idea without the use of an auto-corrector that makes illiterate people look passably intelligent. 

There's your story, Netflix.  Get busy.

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Hey look, it's another stupid Jardiance Commercial...


...featuring a morbidly obese woman "dancing" (I'm being very charitable here) to a "catchy" (again, speaking charitably) song about the joy she gets from experiencing positive results from regular consumption of a very dangerous medication which is still dangerous even though it's taken in tablet and not intravenous form. 

Jardiance "helps the body flush out some sugars," presumably resulting in less work for your natural insulin and lessening the risk of developing full-blown Type II diabetes.  But I'm pretty sure that there's an even easier, far less expensive, and much less dangerous way to help your body deal with sugars:  DON'T CONSUME THEM. 

I'm practically allergic to processed sugar, and even the sugar in some fruits can really trigger my arthritis pain flares.  I've noticed that since I've stopped adding frozen blueberries to my morning smoothies, I have less pain in my knee and ankle and less aching in my feet.  Thankfully, I don't NEED any sugar for my body to function properly.  Neither does anybody else.  And no sugar tastes as good as moving without pain feels.  Bottom line:  No more sugar for me.  And I simply can't imagine how anyone could choose Jardiance over JUST CUTTING OUT SUGARS.  Sugar is addictive and if you're used to consuming it you'll find it difficult to give up- but once you get past the early cravings, you'll be amazed at how awesome life can be without it.  Especially when the cost of consuming sugar is this very expensive, very dangerous drug.   Get a grip, people. 

Tuesday, June 13, 2023

This stupid "talk to your kid about vaping" commercial


Wouldn't it be funny if the father realized that maybe he should have a talk about an addiction his daughter ACTUALLY has, and one that he's concerned about her eventually ACQUIRING despite there being zero evidence that it's currently a problem?  Imagine this guy talking to his raging-alcoholic daughter about the dangers of huffing paint, or discussing the dangers of internet pornography with her while she's snorting coke off the coffee table in the living room.  

What am I getting at?  Dude, your daughter is addicted to Social Media.  You can't even get her attention without making a stupid Tiktok (or, god forbid, OnlyFans) clip with her.  Never mind vaping.  Get your kid help for her seriously damaging- and painfully obvious- obsession with performing dances for total strangers (including demented adults, ick.)  Deal with THAT issue.  It's a problem RIGHT NOW.  Don't be a coward and just ask your kids about theoretical problems that just maybe will pop up down the road so you can pat yourself on the back and call yourself a good parent while investing in tech to allow your daughter to make more professional videos of herself jumping around for the entertainment of creeps.  Please. 

Monday, June 12, 2023

Thanks, Golden Corral. I can quit this blog now.


It will never get worse than this.  I mean, seriously- can you imagine sitting at the next table from these people?  Never mind the whole Diversity Quota thing, which is stupid enough (can you imagine that this blonde woman, this pasty white guy, and this black guy are actually friends who regularly go out to eat together?  I mean, who is babysitting who here? What the actual hell?)  It's the bottom-of-the-corral barrel "conversation" that gets me. 

Everyone in this commercial should die a slow, painful death.  And if these people regularly eat at Golden Corral, well, that's pretty much in the cards anyway, isn't it?

Saturday, June 10, 2023

I'd give the guy at 7-11 three bucks. Any other questions, Klondike?


Hey Klondike, nobody missed these stupid ads featuring stupid Americans willing to be total morons on television or- as we see here- even risk their lives* for a couple of dollars worth of ice cream and candy.  I would certainly argue that forty-plus years is enough for any advertising campaign to run it's course.  Can't you find any other way to sell your overpriced Cold Sugar Product?

*see, it's FUNNY because grandma is attached to balloons while she's - um, already eating a Klondike Bar....wait, I thought the message was that she was willing to risk a serious injury for a Klondike Bar, but if she's already eating it, what is she being bribed with again?  Is the joke that she's willing to make stupid faces that will cause her grandchildren to cringe every time this commercial comes on the air?  And what are all these people doing cheering her on- what do they get for their participation in this nonsense?  Their own Klondike Bars?  If so, I think grandma is getting seriously ripped off here. 

Friday, June 9, 2023

This kid has never been at Liberty to choose his own path, apparently


It's dumb enough that there's something that this father and son "always say" and it's a tag line for a stupid insurance commercial.  It just makes it worse that this little kid has been molded into a smaller version of his slack-jawed, hollow-chested insurance salesman father.  And it's downright criminal that this guy has passed down his decision to give up on life and devote himself to selling insurance with all the enthusiasm of Needlenose Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day to his son, who after all is just a kid and has the right to want something better for himself.  You know, like an actual career he can be proud of.

But what I don't understand AT ALL is the fake moustache this kid has to wear along with the rest of the "uniform" that projects all the excitement of your neighborhood actuary.  Is he pretending to be his dad when he goes out on his "sales visits?"  Is being a Liberty Mutual Drone such a simple job that a kid can do it- if he's trained from the cradle?

Meh, I guess it could be worse.  Dad could be a member of the Amway cult.  Still, I think he needs to lay off the brainwashing bit he's got going on with his kid.