Friday, June 9, 2023

This kid has never been at Liberty to choose his own path, apparently


It's dumb enough that there's something that this father and son "always say" and it's a tag line for a stupid insurance commercial.  It just makes it worse that this little kid has been molded into a smaller version of his slack-jawed, hollow-chested insurance salesman father.  And it's downright criminal that this guy has passed down his decision to give up on life and devote himself to selling insurance with all the enthusiasm of Needlenose Ned Ryerson from Groundhog Day to his son, who after all is just a kid and has the right to want something better for himself.  You know, like an actual career he can be proud of.

But what I don't understand AT ALL is the fake moustache this kid has to wear along with the rest of the "uniform" that projects all the excitement of your neighborhood actuary.  Is he pretending to be his dad when he goes out on his "sales visits?"  Is being a Liberty Mutual Drone such a simple job that a kid can do it- if he's trained from the cradle?

Meh, I guess it could be worse.  Dad could be a member of the Amway cult.  Still, I think he needs to lay off the brainwashing bit he's got going on with his kid.  

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  1. This is why the impossibility of explaining insurance in thirty second chunks needs to go away. If they can't do it, they shouldn't.