Friday, June 30, 2023

I guess I just don't get Ethos Life.....


(or Life Insurance in general, for that matter....)

1.  These people "knew" that they "needed" life insurance, but "didn't want" to go through the "hassle" of applications other paperwork...I don't know, this just comes off as lazy and wanting to do something very important in as half-assed a manner as possible.  Seems like "careful" and "time-consuming" kind of goes along with "important"- but again, I don't know.

2.  Every Ethos Life Insurance company harps on the fact that it's "100 percent on-line."  Maybe it's the Boomer in me, but I don't see how "100 percent on-line" is an attractive quality for something like life insurance.  Personally, I'd much rather sit down and talk to an agent and do something like set up my family* for financial security one-on-one with a human being rather than rely on an online system that may or may not be available without spending an hour maneuvering an automated phone menu to maybe, hopefully, possibly get a real person on the line to talk about an issue.  Is it just my age speaking?

*I don't get all this "worrying" about "having enough life insurance."  Your family isn't going to get the money until you are dead, and once you're dead, nothing that happens to anyone is going to impact you in any way.  Did these people benefit from life insurance?  Because they seem to be doing just fine without a windfall.  In the age of two-income households, do we really need this extra monthly expense?  Isn't the surviving spouse just as likely to do just fine until they get remarried five minutes after your funeral?  Isn't the whole idea of "needing to provide financially" even after you are dead a relic from a simpler time?  


  1. They're selling life after death. They'll never want for customers.

    1. the thought of their lives not really changing in the slightest if their partner kicks off always seems so comforting to them.