Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Discover a New Level of Dumb


I have two questions for the writers of this Discover Card Commercial.

1.  Why did this woman call the Discover Card Help Line in the middle of the night?  She never has any question other than some version of "are you really not a sophisticated robot?"  If I were the person in the Help Center, I'd be asking why she called, not assuring her that I'm not Artificial Intelligence.  Instead, she seems perfectly happy to have a pointless "prove your not a robot" conversation with a total stranger on the phone.  

2.  Assuming this really is supposed to be comedy....as a consumer of this commercial where, exactly, am I supposed to, you know, LAUGH?  Because this isn't funny.  It's just dumb.  Like the title of this blog post says.  It's just dumb.  And "just dumb" does not equal Funny.  Not in my world. 

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