Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Oh Oh Oh more fun with Ozempic!


2024's favorite medication to hate on is still going strong....I wouldn't be surprised if TIME Magazine makes Ozempic it's "Event of the Year" come December....

I picked this ad to snark on in particular because I think it perfectly represents one of the biggest controversies concerning celebrities and Tiktok "influencers" and their "weight loss journeys."  This woman is doing her very best to convince us that she's engaged in an active lifestyle as her main strategy for engaging in weight loss- she may or may not mention diet, hard to tell over the loud music and quick cuts- but the message we are getting is that Ozempic is just a minor tool in the toolbox that finally allows her to benefit from all that exercise she's been getting all along.  She does cardio boxing, y'all.  She dances.  She's not a couch potato who monopolizes the mobility scooter at Walmart in between bingeing on Netflix.  She's a victim of her genetics and Food Noise or whatever else you want to throw in there as the It's Not Her Fault card.  If life were fair, she'd be super skinny because she's always on the move.  Ozempic is just there to level the playing field.

Yeah no.  Excess adipose tissue doesn't develop by magic, and nobody's body violates the law of conservation of matter.  In Europe, "calories" are actually referred to as "energy" on food labels.  We should do that over here in order to at least try to stop this nonsense fantasy that food is only a minor contribution to weight.  Take in more energy than you burn, and that energy gets stored as fat.  PERIOD.  And a 10-second "cardio" workout isn't going to do much to burn that fat.  

You can't outrun a bad diet, but you also don't need to exercise at all to lose weight- you simply need to consume less Energy than you take in.  I encourage the woman in this ad to keep moving, but she's taking Ozempic so that the extra activity does not result in increased appetite and then consumption of excess Energy which voids the effect of the increased activity.  I object to the "I'm Active and Should Be Slim but the Cards were Stacked against Me" bit- it's a serious delusion that isn't going to help anyone if they eventually need to go off Ozempic.  We'll just have to wait to see how this all plays out.  I'll be watching. 


  1. It's not just how much they take in. Processed foods are formulated to make things worse.

    1. Processed Food is why "Intuitive Eating" is a cruel joke- it's like telling people that they can "intuitively" control their heroin intake. The Western Diet is saturated with ultra-processed, ultra-palatable, nutrient-deficient junk designed to do exactly one thing- override your hunger cues and come back for more.

    2. I was once told that they could add salt, sugar and grease to wet cement and people would eat it.