Sunday, September 6, 2009

The person who made this ad flunked Remedial Commercial Making 101

Some time ago, I posted on an incredibly stupid MacDonald's commercial that featured nothing but people sighing and mumbling as they consumed their lard-encrusted "food." The ad I heard for DeVry University today makes that McDonald's spot look like something worthy of being unveiled during the Super Bowl Halftime Show. It consists of a chirpy female voice trying to convince us that there's this word called "Ility," and we're all looking for it:

"We all want 'Ility.' We're always looking for Flexibility. We want credentials to give us Credibility. Then we can get jobs with Responsibility and gain Respectability...."

Uh huh. So, why aren't we all looking for "Bility" rather than "Ility?" I mean, as long as you are going to appeal to our Gullibility...were the ad makers afraid of being sued by the makers of those "Drinkability" commercials?

The ad is for DeVry ( I guess--- as I was pounding my skull against the wall in disgust at this brain-dead idiocy, I'm pretty sure I heard the word "DeVry" mentioned.) There ought to be a little disclaimer telling us that the person who wrote the ad is NOT a DeVry graduate, because seriously, if this is the kind of "skill" they teach at that place, well.....

At my school, kids in computer classes have to create an imaginary business with a sales model, including brochures and an ad campaign. I can tell you straight out that the least imaginative 10th-grader could come up with something better than "Ility" in about five minutes on his worst day. It doesn't say much for DeVry that they actually paid someone to create this ad, and even less that, after seeing it, the school paid to have it aired. I'm pretty sure that commercials aren't supposed to leave you thinking "Jesus, that was an incredibly stupid waste of time, not to mention a real insult to my intelligence."

Back to the drawing board, DeVry. Next time, try to come up with something that doesn't stoke my irritability.


  1. What is DeVry? One of those online diploma mills?


    Kind of an alternative to traditional college, I guess- "we major in careers."

  3. I've noticed that ad men love to mangle English for their own ends; the latest tactic (geared towards the carriage trade) seems to be the elimination of the third syllables of words. So far I've encountered mani, pedi and cardi when standard English insists on using manicure, pedicure and cardigan. The reasoning seems to be that the full terms are not sufficiently feminine as they do not end in vowel sounds and thus are not amenable to being drawled by the stereotypical airhead blande one sees on TV.

  4. ROTFLMAO!!! I thought I was the only one who thought this ad was CRAZY!! I mean seriously?!? Who's idea was this and worse yet for a GRADUATE school. ::sigh::

  5. Here's my two cents.
    It's spelled DeVries