Sunday, June 11, 2017

Audi People. They're Just Better Than You

That homemade friendship bracelet thing is just fine for most people- I mean, it's the thought that counts.  At least, that's what people with no money say.

But we Audi people- well, for us, it's all about Quality.  So you give me this little friendship bracelet thing that you thought was pretty special and hoped meant that we would remain friends even as we went our separate ways for eleven months.  You hoped that this little bracelet thing would help me forget that you don't even have the latest iPhone and your parents don't drive an Audi or even a Lexus.

I think bigger than you.  Even though you aren't anywhere near good enough to actually MEET my parents- so I'm going to say goodbye right here and run to the car and not introduce you or anything like that- I'd like you to have this carved piece of wood with much better bracelets inside, to remind you that I'm so way out of your league it's not even funny.

So, see you next summer.  Hope things turn around for your parents before then, so we can continue to be friends!

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