Saturday, September 12, 2020

It will go great with that VariDesk he doesn't really need either

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Original Commercial here:

Hey look everybody, it's the perfect chair for your boss (because let's be real, your company is NOT going to be spending a thousand dollars to make YOU, an employee who actually DOES sit all day in front of a computer, comfortable!)

You are invited to walk past your boss's office every once in a while to admire his X-chair (just don't you even THINK about sitting in it.)  Try not to get too irritated at the fact that he's rarely actually IN that chair- or that when he is, he's usually just on a personal call and not actually doing work.  And try not to think of your own aching back and how you have to sit in the same old computer desk chair you've been using for going on five years now.  You are not the boss!!

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