Monday, September 7, 2020

My first-ever take on Seven-Eleven, prompted by actual experience

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Original Commercial here:

Yep, for almost twelve years of maintaining this blog and more than 1200 posts, I have managed to avoid commenting on 7-11 commercials.  Probably because I almost never see any.  I guess the owners of 7-11 figure that since they are on every other street corner in one region of the United States, they kind of advertise themselves.  

But this commercial is referring to 7-11's rewards system, which I use, so I feel I need to break my silence over This Region's Favorite Convenience Store and toss some snark its way.  7-11 offers an App for your Smartphone which, WHEN OPENED, allows you to earn points whenever you purchase something which can then be used basically as currency to buy pretty much any food item in the store.   It also keeps track of drink purchases, and every seventh Big Gulp is free.  I do a lot of walking and visit a lot of 7-11s especially when it's warm out, and I have accumulated a lot of free Big Gulps since this service was introduced a few years back.

Here's my issue:  When I approach a 7-11, I tap the App icon on my phone and am immediately sent to a page where my options are to look at an absolutely worthless graphic or SKIP.  So then I hit skip, and after several seconds am asked how I want to LOG ON to my ACCOUNT- do I want to LOG ON using my password, or with FACEBOOK?  Since I'm not super-adept at typing a password on to a tiny screen while standing in the bright sunlight OR a cramped store with other customers trying to buy things, I hit FACEBOOK and proceed to wait some more.  Finally- if I'm lucky- the scan code appears before I've just given up and paid for my drink or have paced up and down in front of the store for five minutes. 

Hey 7-11, I just gotta ask you- what is the purpose of the LOG IN/PASSWORD page?  Why can't I just tap the App Icon and be immediately brought to my account and scan bar?  Oh, I know what your answer is- "Security."  But seriously, what are you "securing" here with these annoying steps?  Are you actually concerned that I'm going to get my phone stolen by someone who figures out my PIN number and proceeds to use my precious reward points or maybe even (gasp) gain access to my Free 7th Cup?  Because, seriously, if I lose my phone the LAST thing I'm going to be worried about is someone emptying my 7-11 points wallet.  

Hope this doesn't hurt your feelings, but, please.  Just create a patch for this thing that immediately opens up the scan window as soon as we hit the App, please.  I'm more than ready to sign a disclaimer if that's what you want.  This is seriously something I'm willing to risk rather than go through the current hassle of hitting my phone four times to get to a freaking scan bar so I can get credit for my drink.  You guys are kind of weird, did you know that?

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