Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Another nonsensical Taco Bell ad


"When you need a taco..." you go to this shop that sells warm poison and eat what they call a "Burrito?" Sense this does not make.

Then again, why should the punchline make any sense when the lead-up features a woman putting her cap on, one of her teammates deciding that it would be Uber-cute to do the same and then exchange a shy "we're on the same team but we really don't know each other, that's kind of strange but never mind" glance with her?  Why should the punchline make sense when we see the batter respond to the "rally cap" bit by hitting an obvious pop fly?  Why should the punchline make sense when it's a freaking Taco Bell ad and we all know it's going to end with someone hearing a bell and responding like an Eloi by dropping everything and marching to the nearest Suicide Center and ingesting poison?

By the way, I'm only even commenting on this stupid nothing of an ad because I couldn't find a commercial for Insomnia, an awesome Dublin-based coffee chain I found on my first day in Ireland and visited four times over the course of the week.  Just before posting this I DID manage to find one, so that's coming next, assuming the ad is stupid and I really hope it is because there's little I hate more than having to be positive on this blog.  Very good coffee, good and reasonably priced food, too- with any luck, sold through at least one stupid marketing campaign.  We'll see. 

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