Saturday, December 3, 2022

Domino's "buy garbage get garbage free" offer, and fun with the Food Pyramid


...because what more could you want with your order of cheap bread, cheese and sauce in the shape of a saucer than another order of cheap bread and cheese- hey, we'll even throw in some dipping sauce!- on the side?

And if the pizza-in-another-form doesn't serve your addiction to processed, fatty, sugary garbage, well, here's some bite-sized chocolate-y goo things- at least, I think that's what it is.  Domino's just refers to it here as "something else."  Which is at least honest- yeah, I can't come up with labels for what are basically leftovers from the pizza creation process repackaged into free* crap Domino's will give you along with your box of warm non-nutrition.  Anything to keep you coming back to this particular Diabetes Promotion Facility instead of Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonald's, Burger King, etc. etc. ETC. 

*free if you ignore the billions of dollars in federal subsidies given to the wheat, corn (and corn sugar) and dairy (here's an idea- don't just put cheese ON the pizza!  Put it IN the pizza!  And put it in something called "cheesy bread" and and sell or give that away as a "side."  

(I keep remembering a page from my science textbook back in High School which included the "Food Pyramid" which was promoted by the federal government after WWII as a way of propping up Agribusiness.  Even then I thought that the pyramid promoted the consumption of a ridiculous amount of food- 

I mean, seriously.  Six servings of rice, pasta, cereal, and/or bread every day?  Three servings of milk, yogurt and/or cheese every day?  Who needs to eat meat twice a day?  And how does one eat cereal six times a day but also "use sweets sparingly?"  Oh, and I also remember this line on the same page:  "Of course, milk should be your drink at every meal."  Um, WHY?  Why would ANYONE need to drink that much MILK?  Not to mention that if people drink three glasses of milk a day, why would they also need to take calcium and Vitamin D supplements?  So Big Pharma was in on this with Big Agriculture?


  1. Amen ... I wonder why we have an obesity epidemic in this country? As a child, I remember being shocked by how much food we were told we should eat. My parents did me no favors by buying into this scam and piling huge amounts of food into my lunch pail and onto my dinner plate every day and telling me to clean my plate because there were people starving in China (this never made much sense to me either ... what did my eating all my food have to do with what people ate in China?). I now get by perfectly well on about 1500 calories per day or 2000 if I'm a little more active on a given day. Shockingly enough, I now weight about 210 vs the 270 I once weighed about 10 years ago.

    1. Back in 2009 I got a look at my faculty photo and realized I had to change, fast. I cut out all snacks, sweets, chips, and bread and lost 30 pounds in just under a year, dropping from 191- on the cusp of obese- to 156, just inside the "healthy weight" range. I've kept it off for 12 years now. I'm disgusted by the increasing volume of "stop blaming fat people for their own weight" claptrap on Tiktok and- worse- the media. Adults choose what they put into their mouths, and we really are what we eat (one of those silly little sayings that turns out to be 100 percent accurate.) Congratulations on your successful health journey.