Friday, February 6, 2009

Commercial Law #2- Wow, you are SO lucky you happened to turn to this channel!!

Commercial Law # 2-- if the huckster on your television is urging you to "take advantage of this opportunity before it expires" or says that a product is only available at a certain price "while supplies last," it's a scam.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen that clown with the headset yelling at me that if I'm not already on the phone ordering ShamWows, chances are I've already lost my chance to order these Amazing Made In Germany Towels. Because after all, supplies are limited and "we can't do this all day." This is an especially obnoxious marketing technique- convince the gullible viewer that what they are watching on their screen is a one-time, limited-supply, move-it-or-lose-it opportunity available only to people lucky enough to have landed on this particular channel at this particular time of the morning. Haha, you think. Your friends and neighbors are going to be sooooo jealous when they see the cool product you snatched up because YOU were smart enough to be watching Channel 266 at 3:24 AM waiting for the next episode of "Petticoat Junction" to come on.

Problem is, there's no real hurry and supplies are not limited. Call the toll-free number on your screen right now. Or in an hour. Or next week. Or next month. Maybe not next year, because by then, the guy selling this crap might be in jail (especially if his name is Kevin Trudeau.) Don't worry, there are more than enough ShamWows, MagicEars, expandable handbags and Real Estate Millionaire DVD sets out there for everyone. But these sleazebags don't want you to take your time, because who knows, you might actually start thinking it over, doing some research, or even (God Forbid) come to your senses. Can't have that!

So grab your phone and call the toll-free number on your screen NOW! There's time to think LATER- after you've handed over your credit card number! You don't have any time to waste- money, yes. Time, no.

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