Saturday, February 21, 2009

How does one go about playing Russian Roulette Responsibly?

"There was a concert in town this weekend only, and I didn't have the money for tickets. I brought my car to CashStop, and used my Title to borrow the money I needed!"

"There was a big sale I just had to take advantage of, so I used my car title, and I got money, FAST!"

Ugh, there's no end to my disgust and sadness toward hopeless morons who are so incapable of managing their finances that they think using their car for collateral in order to obtain money "to get you to your next paycheck" is a good idea. What's the matter, all your furniture already at the pawn broker's?

The commercials that really get me are the ones that show well-dressed, clean-cut white guys walking into what looks all the world like a neighborhood bank or insurance company but what is actually one of these Quick-E-Loan dumps. The guy is greeted by another clean-cut man or woman wearing a smart-looking suit who sits down with the "client" at a big desk to "discuss the feasibility of a paycheck loan." Dear God, make this stop. Just because the man or woman sits behind a desk instead of meeting you in a dark alley, and runs television spots instead of operating by word of mouth, doesn't mean they aren't LOAN SHARKS. And spare me the "use paycheck loans responsibly." You can't play the lottery "responsibly." You can't use internet gambling sites "responsibly."

Look- do without the concert tickets and the big sale items. Borrowing on your next paycheck is just another step down the spiral staircase to bankruptcy. Unless mom needs a new kidney and the hospital will only take cash, you don't need CashStop "services." What you need is to get control of your budget. Idiots.


  1. I can't tell you how muchy I despise payday loan companies. They can SAY "act responsibly", but they're in business because some people DON'T. And to prey on them in bad economic times is even worse. These loan companies encourage people to NOT act responsibly -- there's nothing RESPONSIBLE about borrowing money against your next paycheck at 30 percent so that you can pay for some luxury or impulse purchase.

  2. Title loan and paycheck loan places are despicable.