Sunday, February 22, 2009

Commercial Law # 3: More Is Not Better

I'm convinced that the most obnoxious standard practice in commercials is the "use three or more people to make one point" practice. We've all seen it- a parade of idiots telling us something just one idiot could tell us just as easily:

Idiot #1 "I love my...."
Idiot #2 "Service from..."
Idiot # 3 "Comcast Cable."

The more people used to make the simple point, the more jarring and irritating the commercial is. And it doesn't matter if the people are average shmoes or well-known celebrities. I'm not impressed by the parade of people spitting out partial sentences. Just tell me what you are selling me, please.

Idiot #1 "Comcast cable..."
Idiot # 2 "provides me.."
Idiot # 3 "and my family..."
Idiot # 4 "great service..."
Idiot # 5 (for emphasis, from a 'mom') "AND my family!"

Why can't just ONE person do this? Who are you trying to impress by showing us five people making the pitch instead of just one?? Do you really think that five total strangers or five celebrities are really going to sell me something one couldn't?

And of course, as if your brain hadn't been rattled enough by this idiocy, these commercials always end the same way, by bashing into your skull the name of the company that just put you through this misery:

Idiot # 1: "Comcast."
Idiot # 2: "Comcast"
Idiot # 3: "Comcast"
Idiot # 4: "Comcast"
Idiot # 5: "Comcast."

Well, at least they've reminded me who gave me my headache.

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