Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another disgusting yogurt commercial.

A woman is sitting in her office, enjoying her cup of Light&Fit Yogurt. And I mean really enjoying it. She is scooping it out with her finger. She is tipping the cup back and tapping the bottom as she presses it against her face. She's sucking at the cup. And then she's back to scooping it out with her finger.

Her thoroughly grossed-out and disgusted (I hope) co-worker says " you always eat your yogurt like that?"

Mentally Ill woman who simply cannot accept that she's finished her yogurt (imagine her drinking a milkshake- she probably makes loud slurping noise for thirty minutes before someone yanks the cup out of her hand and tosses it away): "I love it."

Not really an answer, but...

Ok, here are my two biggest problems with this ad (there are more than two, but I'm a bit pressed for time today:)

1. It's easy to image that this woman will next pull out out a pair of shears and cut the plastic cup into slices, and then lick the slices. Right there, in public.

2. The narrator tells us near the end that Light&Fit has "only 80 calories." Yes, indeed it does. And it's such a substantial treat, that this deranged woman is desperate to get every single fraction of those calories into her body before she admits that she just consumed 80 calories of something exactly as filling as a glass of milk. Imagine if Olive Garden tried to sell it's 500-calorie menu by showing a guy frantically scraping the empty plate with his fork, and finally picking it up and licking it until it shone like new. Might as well use the tag line "You'll Still Be Very, Very Hungry When It's Gone."

Hey, honesty in advertising! Got to give Light&Fit some points for that, at least.


  1. It may very well be the same woman. I don't want to meet the people who write these ads.

  2. That supermarket add drives me insane. It is the opposite of sexy. Also, I'm not sure why ad agencies think that there is something cute or alluring about the sounds of eating/drinking. Generally, those sounds are muted by people out of politeness. These choads (keep that word alive, John) create amplified versions that are even more cringe-worthy. MMMM..Hearing slurping noises always gets my stomach rumbling.

  3. Let's not forget those disgusting Kit Kat commercials, where the office "workers" are synchronizing their snapping, biting and moaning with pleasure to create some kind of beat. Ugh.

    First, Kit Kats dont REALLY make much noise when you break them apart. Second, referencing your point, if people really made as much noise while eating as they do in commercials, the homicide rate would be much, much higher.

  4. if people really made as much noise while eating as they do in commercials, the homicide rate would be much, much higher.

    I agree; after all, I want to kill the Patterswine from the comic strip 'For Better or For Worse' because of the revolting way they eat so the prospect of adverts that have people who sound like a gorilla eating a log cabin does nothing for my mood....or migraine.

  5. I actually had to quit a decent job because I was stuck in an office with a coworker who ate every two minutes. The guy could eat a banana while evoking the sound of a Great Dane attacking a raw t-bone steak. Mouth noises = hate.