Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sometimes, It's all in the timing

Don't you love it when the guy who schedules the commercials shows a sense of humor?

Commercial #1- we see several people composing love sonnets to their Big Mac Wraps. One guy tells his meat-stuffed, greasy pita that "you look different, but I feel like I've known you all my life." A girl draped over a sheet for a picnic coos to her sandwich "I just want to eat you up." Another girl simply sighs "I LOVE YOU" as she gazes adoringly at the oily object of her affections.

Commercial #2, immediately following Commercial #1-- an ad for, in which several people tell us what they were looking for in a soul mate, and how helped them find that Special Someone, At Last.

The only way this could have worked out better is if they had used the same people from Commercial #1 in Commercial #2, and given them lines like "I thought that all I really needed in my life was a pile of grilled hamburger meat, flavored mayo and iceberg lettuce jammed into a cone of flat bread. Then I learned about and this 'meeting other humans' thing. Really changed my life- and I've lost weight, too!"

More likely, the people in Commercial #1 are the sad ruins of the people in Commercial #2, reduced by a year of failed experiments in dating arranged by to giving up on ever meeting someone, and settling for brief but far more satisfying relationships with fast food.

Just wait they find out that Big Mac Wraps are available Only For a Limited Time. More evidence that you should never get too close to anyone or anything, because they will always let you down in the end.

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