Monday, February 8, 2010

The Super Bowl Ads- Just a few quick thoughts, to start with

My plan had been to blog during the Super Bowl; naturally I was knocked offline and I couldn't get back on until this morning. Funny how that happens during high-traffic days- the last two days I had great difficulty getting online were Thanksgiving and Christmas. Thanks for the "service," Comcast.

I guess I could "upgrade" to "Lightning Fast High-Speed Connectivity" with Comcast, that would solve my connection problems, right? OH WAIT- I tried to do that, last fall- and three futile visits from a "technician" later, gave up and spent a Saturday morning driving out to the 'burbs to return their ineffectual modem.

Again- thanks for the "service," Comcast.

So now I'll have to catch up on my blogging, as I see the Super Bowl ads repeated over the next several weeks. Today I'll just make a few broad observations on what I saw as the main themes pushed upon us by the ad wizards this year:

1. Men in Underwear. I counted at least three separate commercials - including one especially loathsome spot mocking office "casual days" by showing us a parade of pale, dumpy men walking around sans trousers- featuring men walking around in their underwear. I really wish the guys who write these things would leave their personal issues for the therapists to deal with, and stop inflicting them on us innocent viewers.

2. Men as pussy-whipped dish rags- I hate that term "pussy-whipped," but I can't think of an appropriate alternative. I saw at least one commercial whose theme was "you've lost your soul to the dominant female in your household, do something about it"- I think the message was that, as a guy, you can do the dishes, spend days shopping for lingerie (underwear again!) etc. but if you want to retain any shred of self-respect, you'd BETTER drive a Man-Car, and drive it FAST. (The "Do not Attempt" disclaimer makes no sense in a commercial that warns you that your manhood is at stake if you don't do what we advise. To hell with the small print, I'm flooring this sucker!)

3. A continuation of Bud Lite's "morbid obsession with beer is funny" ad campaign. Men screaming with delight at the mere mention of beer. Men willing- hell, determined- to stay for a Baby Shower because gleaming bottles of Bud Lite are being served. A house made out of beer bottles and cans, gradually demolished by a horde of pathetic guests who really need to call AA. An entire town of hopeless drunks willing to create a bridge with their bodies so that the beer truck can get into town (that commercial was both creative and SAD.) We get it, Budweiser- Beer is the very Stuff of Life. And it's so rare, one must grab for it at every opportunity, displaying huge eyes and gaping mouth as one does so.

By the way, the moment the game was over, I switched over to ESPN, where within seconds I was treated to a Wheaties Commercial featuring Peyton Manning throwing footballs in a wheat field and repeating to himself "make the play." Priceless!


  1. Superbowl commercials are usually funny, but this year's are not so funny. I love the Doritos commercials though...

    I work for Comcast. I am sorry for the trouble we caused with your internet service. I can have my contacts look into this to prevent any recurrence in the future. I will also assist with the upgrade. Let me know the phone number associated with the account so I can assist.

    Best regards,

    Mark Casem
    Comcast Corp.
    National Customer Operations,com

  2. Btw, it wasn't a baby shower, it was a book club, which means it celebrates both misogyny and anti-intellectualism.

    I also love the one with the slobby hobo chic guy who finds out that his wife bought a six pack of Bud Light, so he invites a bunch of his friends over. So they can each share one bottle of Bud Light. Never mind that his wife actually bought the thing and might have wanted some.

    I did like the Kia Sorrento ad called Wild Ride, or something, though, where all the toys sitting in the back of the car imagine going on a wild adventure.

  3. Thanks for the clarification; I make mistakes like that a lot; good think I'm not being paid to do this :>).

  4. Of course, the worst ad was the Audi ad. It wasn't stupid like the beer ads, but with the "Green Police" where they portray people who are concerned with the environment as fascists, to try to sell a "green" car is remarkably misguided. The people who'd want to buy it are being insulted, and the people who don't want to buy it are having their nasty stereotypical thinking reinforced. It may be a first, in fact: the first commercial pitched to people who won't buy the product.

    Don't buy our car and stick it to those nasty wacko environmentalists who just want to ruin you and make you feel guilty while they do it.