Sunday, March 18, 2018

Out of patience with Apple, the iPhone, and the world in general

Somehow the idiots in this commercial managed to "get serious" despite f--ng around with their phones and doing virtually nothing else.  They go from finding an apartment with those phones to taking selfies with themselves in their new apartment to finding a house that fits their stupid dogs and then making stupid faces into their damn phones again.  I guess we're supposed to be happy for them but seriously, why would anyone give a flying care?  It's another phone ad in which nobody makes a call or uses their $1000 phones for much of anything other than taking stupid pictures of their fool grinning extremely punchable faces.

And if the YouTube comments are any indication, the "message" of the ad- which I guess is supposed to be that $1000 for an iPhone isn't so very much 'cause look you can get one free when you buy one- is totally lost on the audience, which is too busy doing it's usual obsessive "what is that song" bit.  One winner asks about the song two weeks after it's title has been revealed, demonstrating that YouTube commenters are far better at asking questions than they are at reading answers.

Oh, this may be a mixed-race couple, which I guess iPhone thinks is super progressive or daring or something.  Hey Apple, want to impress Progressives?  Pay the people who actually put together your pricey electronic drugs for zombies a living wage.  Until then, f--k off.


  1. That's one thing I personally hate most about the "normals"
    ...that propensity for being shamelessly self-aggrandizing.
    No guilt, no conscience ....
    ...all ego (and self-righteousness toward anyone/anything they find "unacceptable")

    1. I'll just never understand the "let's share everything about ourselves with the whole world at least a hundred times a day" attitude. What's so great about this kind of "sharing," anyway? How self-absorbed do you have to be to think that so many people care? Why can't we just be happy without putting it on a billboard?