Friday, January 6, 2023

Free Style Libre's "Challenge of Finger sticks" ad is just ridiculous.


Every day, hundreds of thousands of elderly people all over the United States take their blood sugar measurements using finger stick devices, sometimes more than once a day, and I'm guessing without a complaint 99 percent of the time.  My father had his blood sugar tested twice a day for the last several years before he passed.  He never complained, even when we screwed up and were unable to get a reading and had to pop that needle into his finger again.  And, sometimes, Again. 

This guy has tats all up and down his arms, but "finger sticks are a real challenge?"  What the hell?  Talk about Selective Sensitivity.  Some idiot in a dirty tattoo parlor can work a needle and ink into his skin for hours, but he finds it a "challenge" to prick his finger with a tiny pin?  Seriously, buddy, put your Big Boy pants on and man up.  This is a First World Problem if ever I saw one.


  1. This is sort of a sore spot for me because of the way my own father passed. He thought a heart attack was low blood sugar and, well, things happened that bother me to this day.

    1. my dad was scarfing half-boxes of Entemenn's in the year before he passed, AFTER eating a huge bowl of fruit. Did this hasten his death? Well, I don't know- he was three months short of 90 when he passed.