Tuesday, January 17, 2023

What did I just watch?


As near as I can tell, this guy gets an alarm on his phone that he was supposed to meet some girl for coffee.  For a few seconds, he seems to be in a big hurry to make this date- he showers, he scarfs down cereal (seems to me that he could just grab something at the coffee shop, but that's just me...)  But then he just f--ks around with his phone, doing pretty much everything EXCEPT head off to meet with this girl*, and in the end he's just driving around....I'm sorry, but what the actual hell?

*he was supposed to meet Sarah at 9 AM.  But when he's in the car, his Directions App (or Garmin, or whatever the hell he's using) says his estimated time of arrival is FOUR PM.  So he (briefly) rushed through a shower and breakfast in order to....be SEVEN HOURS LATE for his meetup with Sarah?  Considering that she asked where you were shortly after 9 AM, I kind of doubt she's going to be there when you finally do show up, buddy.  But seriously, what's going on here?  What is this ad FOR?  

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