Sunday, January 8, 2023

The Mannings, Caesars Sportsbook, and whatever the hell this is supposed to be....


This is one of those commercials that make one eternally grateful for the mute button.  Seriously, I never get more than three seconds in before I hit that precious feature of my remote, and man is this commercial weird when it's watched in blessed silence.  

That said- what the hell is the matter with the Mannings?  I'm already immune to what I'm told is their "charms"- I got through about five minutes of the insufferable, pointless blather they provide on ESPN's Monday Night Football coverage before hitting that aforementioned precious, precious mute button.  Monday Night Football with the Peytons should be used to extract information from suspected terrorists at Gitmo.  Do these two idiots have any shame at all?  I know they are addicted to attention, but do they really need what must be an insignificant amount of money being tossed at them by Caesar's Sportsbook to promote a serious addiction?  

Whatever is happening before the Mannings start what I'm sure is hi-LARIOUS commentary in this particular ad, I really don't want to know.  Maybe it's the Boomer in me, but I'm sure I couldn't appreciate it even if I listened.  But without sound, it just looks supremely stupid, bizarre, and frankly offensive.  Not as offensive as the onslaught of commercials hyping the "excitement" of gambling- I don't think anything reaches that level- but pretty damned close.  Sometimes I'm glad I'm old.  

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  1. What most irritates me is that in ten years or so, these just add water celebrities aren't even going to be a trivia question. One day, they'll vanish and leave nothing behind them.