Saturday, January 7, 2023

So USAA is basically an American version of the House of Lords?


The woman in this ad has a USAA Credit Union membership because her father served in the armed forces, and he "passed his membership down to her."  So neither she, nor her husband, has any connection at all to the armed forces.  And she tells Gronk that she's going to "pass it down" to her daughter when she's old enough to have an account.  That means that in 20 years or so USAA Credit Union will have at least one member who not only doesn't serve in the armed forces, but maybe never even MET anyone who ever served in the armed forces.  Was that the original intent?

I went to High School with someone who served - and continues to serve- in the armed forces.  To my mind, that makes me at least as adjacent to military service as that little girl.  Why can't I apply for a USAA account?  

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  1. We haven't yet reached that level of mandatory worship of soldiers yet but we're getting there.