Friday, May 5, 2023

"Accepted" is a college movie that is multiple levels of Fail


The stupid kid in this stupid movie spent his High School years being stupid and, as Taylor Swift has taught us, if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes.  This kid's stupid prize was a rejection letter from every college he applied to.  In other words, the consequences of his own actions.

So this stupid kid decides to invent a school and get himself accepted to it in an attempt to trick his parents into believing he isn't the total loser they think and know that he actually is.  He puts more effort into creating a college than he ever did in getting decent grades in High School, but I'm pretty sure that the stupid point of this stupid movie is that the stupid kid is actually brilliant but just doesn't fit into the Square with a capital S hole that is Traditional Education or some such self-congratulatory BS.

I'm not going to get into the entire stupid plot of this stupid movie; instead, I'm going to point out that if this stupid kid was half as smart as we are supposed to think he is, he could have solved his problem with roughly 99.9 percent less effort:

1.  Write a fake admissions letter from an actual University far, far away from the hometown and any relatives (don't do what this kid does and invent a school that exists five minutes away, which requires him to rent a freaking abandoned building.)  Overseas is best of all.  There- no fake websites, no fake merch, no fake anything except a simple admissions letter.

2.  Go backpacking in Europe for a year on your "college tuition" money.  Create a photo journal of your travels.  Better yet, find some college-bound friend to share a room with, get a job, and take some courses online to improve your chances of being accepted in the next year.  If accepted, just tell your parents you're transferring.  In three years you can explain that you are on a specialized five-year program.

This kid pulled his con using the most difficult, impossible-to-pull-off-in-real-life way imaginable.  Because he's stupid.  But then, so are all the other idiots who join his fake college- not only are none of them particularly concerned that they are hanging around doing nothing in exchange for their tuition payments, but they aren't even angry at him when his con is exposed because he "meant well" or some such garbage.  Everyone involved in this deserves to die painfully.  Back in the 80s we had good comedies about college like "Back to School."  Now kids get this level of dumb?  What did they do to deserve it?

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