Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Taco Bell Insults the World


"No, lady- the fact that this so-called 'restaurant' has no working ovens or grease pits and is actually just a facade* surrounded by television cameras and featuring a nobody bit 'comedian'** shouldn't convince you that you are in a stupid ad for an awful company determined to do its part in fueling the obesity crisis."

Oh, and it's absolutely no wonder that you work at Taco Bell.  The only mystery is- how did you get here without dying in a thousand different ways between getting out of bed and tying your shoes?

*it's a word and this is the way it's spelled.  Get over it, Spellcheck.

**nothing makes me want to start my day at America's favorite lard supplier more than Pete Davison's immensely unfunny, smarmy delivery.  Good call, Taco Bell. 

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