Saturday, May 18, 2024

Domino's "Emergency Pizza" Offer for when life is a mild struggle for several consecutive seconds.


This guy lives in an enormous house with an enormous kitchen and has purchased all the ingredients he needs to make himself a pizza.  But he experiences a few seconds of inconvenience trying to get the jar of sauce open, so....all that planning gets tossed aside in favor of hitting the Dominos Pizza App on his phone and just getting a generic pile of bland warm garbage delivered to his house instead.

Why was this guy even trying to make his own pizza if he already had the Dominos App?  Did he get the notion that he might actually like to eat a real pizza with actual flavor?  Does he have a significant other who asked him to please please please just COOK something for once instead of greeting him/her/they/zee/zir/dragonself/whatthef-ever with another delightful delivery bag of processed overpriced junk when (insert pronoun here) walks through the door?  And this is the level of effort this guy is willing to make?  Ten seconds with a jar?

What is he going to do with all those ingredients now?  Do they just go into the trash can?  Lesson learned- preparing your own food is a waste of time and anti-Capitalism anyway so don't do it, let Big Engineered Food do the work?  Ok then...

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