Friday, May 24, 2024

Go Plate is Disarmingly Stupid


I know that all of these Not Available in Stores product commercials have to show people being incredibly inconvenienced by entirely trivial situations- after all, if we actually NEEDED any of this stuff, it would have been invented decades ago-but there's something positively delightful about seeing people having what looks like seizures caused by needing to hold a paper plate overloaded with food.  Seriously, is this a problem that anyone considers so serious that they'd rather walk around with a plate of food impaled by a bottle?  You still need to stop eating if you want to take a drink (I really wanted to see at least one kid dump that food all over himself when he forgot that his bottle was holding the plate and he just titled the whole thing toward his mouth.)  

But hey, it made some old guy's tailgating experience the greatest ever, so there is that.  Let's toast the Amazing Dumbness that is the Go Plate.  Just don't forget to take the thing off the bottle first. 

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