Sunday, June 16, 2024

I can't relate to hotel commercials....


I stay at hotels for exactly two reasons:  either I'm on my way from one place to someplace else, and I need a place to rest roughly halfway between those two destinations, or there's something I need or want to do nearby that is going to take multiple days and I'd rather not sleep in the park.

In the first instance, the hotel is always going to be in Northern New Jersey or Southern New York, because I'm driving from the DC suburbs to Vermont and I'm sixty years old and my back hurts and the days of driving all day (or all night!) to get the 550 miles is just too much for me so lay off.  It's a place off the Thruway for me to recuperate from traffic and avoid driving at night.  In the second instance, the hotel is going to be in some city I'd never even think of visiting if I wasn't getting paid to do work in the area- Louisville Kentucky, or Tampa Florida, or Kansas City Missouri.  Again, it's just a place to sleep.  I didn't even turn on the tv when I was in KC last week.  The gym was really nice though, and they kept it open 24/7 for us.  Or I'm on a tour overseas- and in those cases the hotels tend to be nice-but-not-too-nice-because budget.   But I digress.  In all cases, the hotel is just a building with a bed and a pillow and a shower and that's pretty much it. 

I don't get these Celebrations of a Hotel I am Excited to Be In commercials.  At all.  I don't travel so I can stay at a hotel.  I stay at a hotel because it's kind of a requirement of travel.  These ads always make it look like families take Vacations to LaQuinta Inn or something.  Someone to explain this to me, because I find it super-bizarre.  Simply put:  In my opinion, hotels are necessities that allow you to do the stuff you really want to do.  They aren't ends in themselves.  Am I wrong?  Do these ads make sense to anyone out there?

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