Sunday, June 9, 2024

There's so much awful about this Audi Commercial...


...that it's still worth commenting on 11 years after it's release.

1.  This kid has a Dad, Mom and Bratty Little Sister from Central Casting.  Seriously, why is this a bad commercial and not a bad sitcom?

2.  Dad tosses the keys to the Audi and gives his son a look that I can only translate to "get laid tonight."  Ok, so dad is ready to be a grandfather?  Because I didn't see him tell the kid "there are condoms in the glove compartment."  

3.  This kid drives to the prom- by himself- looking like he's taken an entire bottle of Viagra washed down with a gallon of Liquid Testosterone.  Does he think his father feels this way every time he drives the family LookAtMeMobile to the office?  I mean come on, what the hell?

4.  The kid is so confident because he drove an Audi to the prom that he sexually assaults the prom queen.  I'd say this is So 2013 except it's really So 1983.  I mean, this was a problematic message by the turn of the century.  In 2013?  Come on.

5.  The kid himself gets assaulted by the prom king- and then just....leaves.  He drives home in the Audi, with a look of triumph on his face.  Um, triumph over what?  As near as we can tell, he drove dateless to the prom, assaulted a girl, got assaulted, and left.  What's he going to do with the rest of his night?  I'm guessing he spends it in front of the computer bleating very inflated and not very recognizable versions of his evening to the pre-Tiktok internet.  This is inspiring?

5. What, no slow clap?  Maybe this ISN'T 1983 after all. 


  1. Since all motor vehicles are functionality identical, the adman wants to tie the hunk of metal deprecating away at the curb with an emotional yearning. This has held true since Packard was talking about Hidden Persuaders. Most of the time, the gated community on wheels is transmuted into an extra male genital.

    1. I should ad that except for the single group he meets at a stop light, there's no reason to believe that anyone at the prom knows he got there in an Audi. So he just comes off as a creep when he storms into the gym and grabs a woman he is not in a relationship with.

    2. Not knowing how the clot was transporter defeats the purpose of the ad: envying Human Pepe Le Pew.