Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Parting gift before my vacation- another look at the US Money Reserve!


"I wanted to leave something for my children and grandchildren..."

That's a nice house you've got there, which suggests to me that you've got SOME idea of what a good investment is. Which makes me wonder why you fell for this stupid gold scam.  But then you say...

"When I first looked into gold as an investment, the first thing I saw was the president....Philip Diehl....he was manager of the Mint.  So I thought, 'this guy knows what he's doing..."

Oh, he knows what he's doing, all right.  He's taking an impressive-looking title and using it to sell a truly awful investment strategy that makes him rich off the backs of gullible seniors like the narrator.  The commercial tells us so- a YEAR after he retired from his "historic six-year term" he founded  (or sold his name to) this company that sells gold.  We are told that he was director of the mint during the 50-state quarter program, which I guess means he figured out that people still like to collect coins with pretty pictures on them, and if they'll collect pieces of tin and plastic of no real value, imagine how much they'll pay for gold!

"I lost half my money in 2008..." um, may I ask how?  Nobody lost bank deposits in 2008.  Nobody has lost bank deposits since 1933.  The only people who lost money in the stock market in 2008 were the ones who sold their stock.  Is that what you did?

"...meanwhile, the price of gold went up!"  Yeah, and what's it's value today compared to 2008? Well, I did the work so you don't have to (and, speaking to this lady, apparently didn't:  the price of gold on December 1, 2008 was $883 per ounce.  Today, it's $2350 per ounce.  Wow, it's almost TRIPLED.  Pretty impressive, huh?

Well no, not at all, actually.  This woman sneers at investing in the Stock Market.  Guess what the Dow Jones Industrial Average was on December 1, 2008?  It closed at 10,917.  The last business day before I wrote this post, the Dow closed at just under 39,000- almost QUADRUPLE what it was in 2008.  

"If I just put cash in the bank, over the time it's like it doesn't go up at all.  It's almost like nothing."  Yeah, that's called inflation and let's stop pretending this is a binary choice- stick your cash in a bank, or buy gold.  It's not.  Know what else is a good investment?  Land.  The median home price in December 2008 was $185,000.  Today it's just under $410,000.  Sounds like a real good place to put your money.  I bet even Philip Diehl owns a house.  Hell, he probably owns several- he's got well-meaning idiots like you sending him your money. 

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