Tuesday, June 18, 2024

This bizarrely "controversial" Hormel bacon ad


1.  What is with the comment section of this ad?  A black woman comes home from work and is greeted by her husband with liquor and bacon- and?  How is this "woke?" No, it's not a "conventional" dinner, but big deal?  What's wrong with you people?  Is it about a woman being portrayed as the primary breadwinner?  Is it about the guy making dinner?  You guys know it's the 21st century, right?

2.  If this woman wanted breakfast for dinner, why didn't she just go to IHOP?  It's always 5 AM there.  Oh right- they don't serve whiskey.  That IS whiskey she's going to drink with that bacon, right?

In any case- how the hell could anyone be triggered by this ad?   Someone explain this to me in a way that doesn't make you sound like a deranged lunatic. 

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  1. They call us snowflakes but a windchime is from Satan because it jangles at random.