Friday, March 20, 2009

AT&T Doesn't Have a Monopoly on Hateful, Family-Unfriendly Commercials

A father sits in his living room, reminiscing. "I remember the day my daughter was born. April 7, 2003. I can't believe that it's been six years already." Ahhhh. What a sweet moment. Behind him is a glass door, and we can see that the room beyond it is filled with balloons. A pretty young girl rushes up to the closed door, and through it she yells "Hi, Daddy!" Then she's off again, to jump among the balloons. Daddy barely acknowledges his little girl.

"Yes, I sure do remember that day" Daddy continues. Then we see what Daddy is thinking about- the NCAA Final Four Championship game that took place that night.

This is supposed to be amusing- on the day that his daughter is celebrating her sixth birthday in the next room, Daddy is reminiscing about-- how Carmelo Anthony scored twenty points and won MVP of the tournament honors. Kind of makes you wonder where Daddy's head was on the day of his daughter's birth, doesn't it? Let's hope Mommy was thoughtful enough to give birth in the morning, so Daddy could run home and watch his precious basketball game.

I really, really hate crap like this. What we are being told is that every time his little girl has a birthday, this stupid moron is going to be reminded of a fricking college basketball game. And he's going to devote time to remembering it. Haha, isn't that funny. Isn't it amusing that daddy thinks more of a basketball game than his little girl. No, in fact, it's not funny at all. It's not original. It's just mean-spirited. Which, more and more, seems to be what the makers of tv commercials seem to be going for anyway. So I guess I should congratulate the good people at CBS for a Job Well Done. When I've finished choking down the bile, maybe I'll do just that.


  1. honestly shut up. the commercial is light hearted, and its making a joke. you are trying to sound so smart and analytical, but you just look like a clown. take a joke, and talk about something actually important rather than spending your time bitching about an ncaa basketball commercial.

  2. honestly shut up. the commercial is light hearted and is just making a joke. you are trying to sound analytical and smart, but you are just making yourself sound like a clown. why don't you spend your time talking about something that's actually important instead of bitching about an ncaa basketball commercial.

  3. And why don't you spend YOUR time on blogs that you LIKE, instead of posting the same thing twice about a blog you DON'T?

    Honestly, kiss off. I'll post what I want. If you don't like it, spend your time at one of the 145 million other blogs out there. What's the matter with you?

  4. i actually don't waste my time on any blogs. i searched for the commercial on google, and it led me to this site. when i read it, i immediately thought you sounded like cynical grouch. get a sense of humor.

  5. Yeah, I guess I lack a sense of humor; that's why I don't see the joke or constructive criticism in "Honestly shut up." Whatever.

  6. maybe thats because me telling you to shut up was neither a joke nor constructive criticism. I was TELLING you what somebody should have told you a long time ago.