Friday, March 27, 2009

You can't do this! The dog is DEAD!

Remember when the trend was to use dead celebrities to sell stuff? Remember Bing Crosby dancing on the ceiling with a vacuum? Martin Luther King images used to sell cell phone service?

Well, the idea is back and lamer than ever. This time, the dead celebrity is a dog.

I turn on my television, and there's Owen Wilson, attempting to open a bag of Purina Brand Puppy Chow while a little dog scampers about, getting in the way, and ultimately knocking the bag over and spilling it's contents all over the linoleum. Just in case you didn't see the film and don't know why Owen Wilson is doing a commercial for dog food, Wilson repeatedly refers to the puppy as "Marley."

Yes, Purina has apparently purchased the contract of one of the 27 dogs (no exaggeration, that's the number of different "Marleys" appearing in the film Marley & Me) America "fell in love with" a while back to make an appearance in a dog food commercial. Cute idea, huh?

The problem is- the dog dies at the end of the film. How can we be seeing Puppy Marley enjoying this Fine Product from Purina when we know the dog died at the end of the film?

What's next? Clint Eastwood as his character in Gran Tarino, in a commercial for Bud Lite?

It seems to me that once you've killed off a character in a movie, you can't use that character in a commercial. The character is DEAD. There aren't any "further adventures of Marley" to be exploited in commercials for dog food, squeaky toys, or anything else. He's DEAD.

Oh, and that means no sequels, either. Just a friendly reminder.

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  1. John,

    Just discovered - and am enjoying - your blog.

    Unfortunately, the No Sequels Rule applies only in an environment of rationality and under the authority of the rules of logic, neither of which seems to matter much to Hollywood.

    Keep up the good work! :>)