Tuesday, March 10, 2009

This has never happened. Ever.

Two adowable wittle girls walk up to their graying father, who is trying to enjoy a little Me time with the newspaper in what is an obviously upscale living room in an obviously upscale neighborhood. One of these precious little things says "Dad, we think it's time" and hands the guy a box of Just for Men hair coloring. "You could be a really good catch for someone!"

Oh COME ON. Never, in the history of our planet, has a pre-teen girl tried to get her (widowed?divorced?) father to date. I mean, this is disturbing on so many levels. Why do these girls want their dad to play the field? Did their mom die? Are their parents divorced and the girls have a bad relationship with mom? Doesn't really matter- girls this age are NOT interested in seeing their dads going off on dates.

And it's not like they've even picked out a woman that they like- the daughter says "you could be a really good catch for someone"- not "we think you should date Miss Jones, our homeroom teacher." They don't want daddy going out with a particular woman- just ANY woman. NOW.

It gets worse- the guy takes the daughters' advice, goes out on a date, and sends a photo of himself with his new lady friend to her daughters- who high-five eachother with delight.

Again- COME ON!! There are many emotions a preteen girl may feel when her father begins to date again. Resentment. Jealousy. Renewed sense of loss. Anxiety over the future. But happiness over seeing their dad hooking up with a new woman? Not a chance.

Why do the nice people at Nice and Easy want to show little girls anxious to see their dad playing the field, anyway? Do they imagine this is cute? It's not. It's just creepy and weird and not at all realistic.

But heck, at least Keith Hernandez doesn't make an appearence. That's something, anyway.


  1. OMG, I hate that ad, too! Little girls do not act like that. If mom is dead, they would be sad, confused. If divorced, wanting mom and dad back together.

  2. I don't think that the people who insist on making commercials featuring little kids can ever be bothered to find out what little kids are actually LIKE; it's "cute" to show these girls trying to pimp out their dad, so it's in the commercial. Never mind that it's totally unrealistic.