Friday, March 20, 2009

Won't someone please smack this little prick upside the head?

It's an AT&T Wireless Commercial, which means we get to see the put-upon mom, struggling to convince her feckless, ungrateful, smartass family to use their "old" rollover minutes instead of new ones.

This time, the family is holding a yard sale- no doubt necessitated by the refusal of mom's thoughtless choad husband and kids to use old rollover cellphone minutes instead of "new, fresh" ones. A potential customer and her own son notes a bowl full of tiny clocks, which have come to represent the rollover minutes the family doesn't want to use because ewwww they are oooolllld. Naturally, the person who put the bowl of "minutes" up for sale is the asshat oldest son-- they don't belong to him, he obviously doesn't pay his own cellphone bill, but here he is, trying to dump the old minutes so he isn't "forced" to use them instead of fresh, "better" new ones.

The mother notices the bowl of "minutes" and cries out "No! These are not for sale! They are perfectly good minutes!" Dickweed oldest son remarks to the potential customer "mom's a little crazy about her antiques."

As mom explains that the rollover minutes work the same as new ones, and save money, her ungrateful jerkwad son rolls his eyes and shakes his head. Oh for the day when he's free of his mother and her totally lame, old-fashioned, money-saving ways and can blather and text away on "his" phone without worrying that he might be using "old, stale" minutes!

This kid doesn't need to be educated on the value of saving money, or a new, improved monthly cellphone plan. He needs a good kick in the teeth for the way he mocks and disobeys his mother in each one of these commercials. He needs his precious cellphone taken away and chucked into the fricking garbage, to be retrieved only when he's ready to go out, get a job, and pay his own god-damned cellphone bill. And most of all, he needs to be taught some respect.

I am so damned sick of commercials which show kids pitted against parents, and no one does them better (or worse) than AT&T. I hate to think that there are actually parents out there who exhibit the spines of jellyfish like this mom does, raising self-centered little monsters because they are afraid of not being "popular" with their children. I really want to see an SNL or MAD TV skit where the mom flattens her husband with a skillet (for his attitude in the "Milky Minutes" ad-- see January archives) or confiscates the cellphone from her jerkwad son (for his attempt to sell "minutes" at a yard sale.) The sooner the better.

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  1. Okay...well it sells phones, they don't care what you think and I would find something else to do. I'm just saying...Wow!