Tuesday, April 7, 2009

McDonald's Goes Minimilist, Someone Gets Paid Anyway

Two guys are sitting in a booth at McDonald's, eating breakfast. Here's how the "conversation" goes:

Guy #1: "I woke up this morning with real hunger pains."
Guy# 2: "Pangs"
Guy #1: "Pains"
Guy #2: "Hunger Pangs."
Guy #1: "Whatever, they're gone now."

That's it. That's the whole commercial. Except for the obnoxious, grating little "I'm lovin' it" music and logo, that's the entire commercial.

Seriously, someone got paid for this? This is what you come up with if you've been out partying all night, stumble into work, and suddenly remember that your boss asked you for an advertising campaign on his desk first thing in the morning. This is what you jot down on an index card as you are walking down the hall to his office. This is the last "idea" you present before you are asked to clean out your desk.

Darrin Stevens came up with better ideas than "Hunger Pains/Pangs" on his worst day. Why'd you even bother, McDonalds? Next time, just run a Classic Retro commercial showing seniors attempting to leave a tip at their booth. Those were pretty good.

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