Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Match Made in Heaven- Just Don't Lend these People Money

"My fiancee and I were shopping for her engagement ring. We picked out the perfect one- but then my credit card was rejected because I was over my limit. I was so humiliated!"

What happened next? Well, let's see...Once Upon a Time, I was engaged to a beautiful, smart, and above all financially sensible young woman. We went shopping for engagement rings, figuring out exactly how much we wanted to spend, because after all, very soon our financial fortunes would be intertwined and our credit rating would depend on how responsible we were with money. Buying a piece of rock wasn't our top priority. Surely, we can say the same for the couple in the American Express Ad, right?

Wrong. "My fiancee suggested that I get the American Express Card, which has No Pre-Set Credit Limit." Oh, SUPER IDEA!! Because clearly, the best way to deal with being maxed out on your credit cards is to get a credit card that can't be maxed out!!

And his FIANCEE suggests this- so she can get the engagement ring of her dreams, of course. Having let her husband-to-be know what her priorities are, it's not hard to imagine their future together, when they decide to splurge on all sorts of wonderful and "necessary" items because after all, there's no risk of being stopped short by an annoying credit limit. These two are made for each other- a guy who can't keep his spending within his means, and a girl whose "solution" is to make sure he keeps spending regardless of cost. Lovely.

If I had been maxed out on my credit card, my fiancee would not have suggested another one. She would have suggested- strongly- that I get my finances in order before we proceed with the wedding plans. Because she wasn't a selfish dunce living in the moment, like the dope in this commercial and her clueless partner-in-debt-to be.


  1. I feel old because I remember when AmEx card had to be paid in full each month.


    In some cases, though, (Demetri) Martin's humor is the kind that anyone can appreciate. Take his extended parody of those DeBeers diamond commercials. After introducing the "Engagement Appreciation" ring and the "Love Is Forever" ring through the telltale silhouette-with-ring-plus-Vivaldi's-"Winter" of the DeBeers ads, a message on the screen says, "Your ring-buying has plunged you deep into debt." Now we see a silhouette of a woman's hand, covered in diamond rings. "She's going to find out soon enough ... Why not break the news with a gift of diamonds? The 'We Are Deep Into Ring Debt' Ring, only from DeVeers."

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