Sunday, April 9, 2017

This Verizon ad really should end....

With this socially disfunctional jackass being run down by a truck or at least dumped by his girlfriend because his electronic addiction takes priority over EVERYTHING ELSE.

Seriously, we see this guy spend his ENTIRE DAY staring at his stupid hand-held drug of choice as the world goes on around him and without him.  He manages to get on buses and elevators- awkwardly- because a tiny part of his brain still operates like the warning lights in a well-equpped car to remind him that he still inhabits a damage-prone body and there are these other life forms around him he has to avoid.  He goes to theatres for some reason- I'm guessing because for a few more years going to theatres is something humans do and he's a human so there you go.  But he can't even pick his ass off the seat before consulting that G-d d--ned phone again....which means that, like I said, we really need to see that girlfriend dump his sorry butt.  Or push him in front of a truck.

Come on, Verizon, give me SOMETHING here.


  1. These assholes are also starting to make shopping in general more difficult.
    In fact, eventually, downright impossible.

    It seems one "brick-and-mortar" retailer after another is going out of business---"shutting their doors"---as a result of "everyone in the world doing all of their shopping online these days".

    I don't own a smartphone for the simple reason that I can't afford one. Oh, I have a cellphone, but it's a basic one which I used ever-so-modestly.

    It's tragic that the "deity" status of iPhones and smartphones is so prevalent anymore it's starting to infringe intensely upon the general social climate.
    And, it's also tragic that things can't just be integral.
    High-tech is fine for what it is, but it's still wrong to allow it (or any other one single item/entity) to "take over" completely in a "coup d etat" manner, pushing everything else out of the way, "kicking them to the curb" and rendering them "obsolete".

    Plus I don't appreciate being coerced into having to take on things that I either can't afford, or that inconvenience me in critical ways.

  2. I own an LG Expression phone with a slide-out keyboard, on an AT&T Prepay plan- $25 a month gets me unlimited talk and text, no data. I don't want a smart phone and I resent the almost weekly assumption from somebody that I do- "why don't you get an Uber?" "Don't you have this App?" etc.