Friday, September 1, 2017

Another Breathtakingly dumb Geico Ad? Nothing surprising about this at all.

The only thing more depressing than the thought of human beings putting actual time and money into producing this drek is the response of the glue-sniffing Youtube commenters below it.  I really, really hope that at least most of them are just paid shills, because if this many people really enjoyed this ad (one suggests that it may convince him to switch to Geico, because hey if Geico is clever enough to make a "Running of the Bulldogs" ad, they MUST be awesome at providing coverage in the event of an accident, right?) I really don't know if I can go on doing this blog.   It's just getting too sad for me.


  1. I can't stand commercials that start off with something totally unrelated to the product they're selling. Like the one that starts with the family trying to agree on what radio station to listen to. But they can "all agree" that Metro gives them free phones or something what the fuck does that have to do with music ugghhh

  2. More Metro Crap: the commercial where the guy deletes his wedding video to make space on his phone, and his friend tells him to SWITCH CARRIERS to get a free phone with more space. FIRST OFF .. if the guy's SO FUCKING STUPID that he'd do that, then he doesn't know what an SD card or cloud storage is and won't be able to migrate data to his new phone. So he'll go through life amassing a pile of phones that he flips through like a deck of discount cards to find anything because they each have different precious data on them and he has no idea how to consolidate or move it anywhere.

    Oh, on a related note, there's a big dead zone for Metro in part of Queens, NYC. Yes, Queens! And their advice to fix the problem was telling me to move. I'm not kidding

    1. Switching carriers because you've run out of space on your phone is like buying a new car because you've run out of gas. We are almost stupid enough for car companies to start pulling that on us.