Sunday, September 24, 2017

Hyundai and Red Sox Nation can go to hell in the same car wreck

I'm a Red Sox fan.  I am NOT a member of "Red Sox Nation," because "Red Sox Nation" is a cheap marketing gimmick created by the current owners of the team in order to sell more caps and jerseys.  I am not buying in, and neither should any Red Sox fan whose support for the team predates 2004.

I am a proud Pre-2004 Red Sox fan.  NOT a member of "Red Sox Nation."  So we've got that out of the way...

The people in this ad, the people who wrote this ad, and the people who put this ad on television should all be locked into a room and forced to listen to this ad until they go insane (or ten minutes, whichever comes first.)  In real life, I'd like to see both of these shmucks dragged out of their car and beaten to death by Yankees fans.  They'd totally deserve it.

I bet neither of these idiots were Red Sox fans before 2004.  They probably own red and pink caps and jerseys with their own names stitched on the back.  The very first Sox t-shirt they ever owned was the one which said "2004 World Series Champions."  They are disgusting posers and I don't want to see them on my tv anymore.  How do I know they are posers?  Well, this may seem repetitive, but- only posers would sing this god-awful Neil Diamond song because the corporate overlords of Fenway told them to during the 7th inning stretch- and only pond scum uber-posers would sing it at top volume in their freaking cars (the freaking cars that I hope they are soon dragged out of and beaten to death by Yankees fans.)

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  1. Hang on just a second...first of all, as an Indians fan, especially now, the thought of anyone being beaten to death by Yankees fans is morally revolting to me. But let's get on to the ad.

    I'm not sure what is really supposed to be happening here. Because, really, the only way anyone could surmise that the two singing dolts in this ad are Red Sox fans is that they both sing "Sweet Caroline" the same way the "Nation" (say no more, I agree with you 100% on that) sings it. It's not like they have bumper stickers on their car or are wearing any merchandise or anything. And I get the impression that they're supposed to be in California (the one car has a Cali plate), so I guess the joke is that these are two New England transplants who "recognize" each other by the way they sing That Damn Song, much to the puzzled annoyance of the drivers around them.

    OK, fine. But while that makes this a pretty good ad for Red Sox Nation, it's supposed to be an ad for CARS. And it's a lousy ad for cars.

    The other thing these two people have in common is they're both driving the same car. And the selling message is that they're both happy drivers, happy enough to sing, because they drive Hyundai Sonatas?

    Somehow, THAT message got WAY buried in what looks like a "two Red Sox Nation people connect and piss everyone else off" ad.

    Oh well. Guess I'm just relieved that Hyundai has started running ads like this and left off with the ones where they threaten to crush drivers of competing cars in a car crusher just because they didn't buy a Hyundai (and they are shown panicking before frantically escaping their cars and running over to the Hyundai). There's idiotic, and then there's homicidally threatening. Given the choice, I'll take idiotic.