Saturday, September 2, 2017

If you thought Nestle hated you, check out Dockers!

We all know and loathe the Kit Kat commercials which feature no actual dialogue, just horrible sound effects including beeps, rings, buzzers and bells to the "break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar" jingle.  We especially hate them when we suffer from sound sensitivity issues.  And that makes us hate companies which behave as if if they aren't aware such issues exist, or who are perfectly willing to give a gigantic middle finger to those who suffer from them.

So if you have Hypersensitive Hearing, Misophonia, Phonophobia, Hyperacusis, etc. you've probably trained yourself to leap for the remote mute button whenever a Kit Kat commercial comes on.  Well, now you can look forward to even more suffering, because Dockers is comign at you with what I'm sure they think is super-clever advertising but is in fact another painful wall of noise.  And they either don't know, don't give a damn, or think your suffering is funny.  So I've been subjected to this garbage during Every. Single. Commercial Break. On while watching the Red Sox-Yankees game.  I hope you burn in hell, ESPN.  AND Dockers.

(BTW, I don't think I suffer from any of the conditions I listed above; if I do, they've gone undiagnosed.  But I do find these ads obnoxious and grating and they do make me want to seriously hurt someone, so who knows.)


  1. Spend a day at a public library where every damn patron HAS TO bring their Smartphones and other electronic devices with them (wherever they go).
    Talk about "sound sensitivity issues".

  2. Oh absolutely. Last month I was at the library for half an hour and a woman and her boyfriend came in and instantly got on their phones. They blathered loudly into them for about fifteen minutes and left. My niece told me later that they had probably come in just to use the library's WiFi. People suck.

    1. Are there no STARBUCKS close by? Or comparable establishments thereof?
      Those places have WiFi. And, since they're commercial establishments, everyone runs their mouths par-for-the-course anyway.
      Send those ding-shits there instead.