Sunday, June 17, 2018 went there, one year ago today

In this ad, goes totally Seven Brides for Seven Brothers on us.  From the opening scene, it's made totally clear that the ONLY reason this guy needs to find himself a female is because his kid is sick to death of burned food.  Howard Keel/Dad needs to go into town and find himself a woman- ANY woman, because there's a kid to be taken care of and food to be shopped for and cooked and a house to be kept clean. 

And as if this isn't creepy/retro enough for you, ramps it up by having the KID take charge of the whole Getting Dad Back Into The Game thing.  This little boy simply cannot WAIT to have another woman in the house so he can actually have a damn meatloaf that isn't burned for a change (women are genetically designed to cook meatloaf, you know.)  So he fills out his dad's dating profile, selling his dad not as a worthless, helpless, scared little doofus but as a Real Catch because Oh Freaking Lord We Just Need a Woman Here.

And then we get the hilarious punchline- when a susceptible female bites on the hook and agrees to a date, the kid sets her up to meet Dad at the aquarium.  And then he comes along! 

Let's take a look at this from a few angles, shall we?

1.  If you are the guy, you are telling the woman straight out that you are property of this little boy who runs your life, and if she's going to get a second date she'd better impress that kid.  I'm frankly surprised the guy came along on the first date, he doesn't seem necessary here at all.  He could have just given his credit card to the kid- he's got the computer password and unfettered online access after all, why not?

2.  If you are the woman who showed up for a blind date and found yourself being sized up as Potential Housekeeper Material by this kid, well, you know a lot about that guy that wasn't specifically listed on his profile page, don't you?  You going to go through with this?  Why?  So you can have a great story to tell your female friends who talked you into later?

3.  If you are this guy's ex-wife....well, what do you think about your kid being introduced to your ex on the first date?  Just curious.

4.  If you are the kid in this commercial....oh no, I can't even begin to go THERE.  Someone else is going to have to wade through THAT damage.  Way too disturbing for me.

Let's keep in mind that this is specifically a FATHER'S DAY AD.  A Father's Day Ad with the message that fathers are totally butt-worthless as well as being guilty of neglect every day they continue to pretend they can raise a kid without a woman in the house.  Stop acting like you can be a parent, Stupid Man!  Kids need decent meals and clean houses!  Get back out there and lasso yourself one of them women folks so we can get some decent service around here!


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