Sunday, June 24, 2018

Rocket Mortgage continues to hate on women

Here's yet another Rocket Mortgage/Quicken Loans  commercial which is willing to concede that a woman can be extremely smart and successful and even exciting (Megan is a lawyer who totally demolishes the other side AND is on the verge of confirming the existance of Bigfoot?) but when it comes to doing the Maths is basically just a helpless, silly, addled little girl.

Megan has the Sads because for all her brilliance, mortgages are full of percentages and numbers and all those other things that hurt her little Girl Brain.  Law is words and talking and we all know how women can talk the bark off a tree, but when it comes to numbers, well, let's not get silly.  And let's not judge, either- we wouldn't expect a man to be able to diaper a baby without stabbing it or cook a meatloaf without burning down the kitchen, so it would be totally unfair to expect a woman to work out a mortgage schedule.  Everything- and everyone- in their place, as they say.

Fortunately some GUY invented Quicken Loans and since there aren't THAT many numbers on a phone (not that it matters- who has ever met a woman who doesn't know how to use a phone LOL!) Megan can use one to find the perfect mortgage.  After all, it's "simple," and nothing appeals to women more than stuff that's simple. 

Now she just needs to use that phone to find herself a man, because when you think about it, she looks like she's around thirty and no way a female should be worrying her pretty little head about mortgages at her age. 

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