Thursday, June 28, 2018

For When the Commicrats come for you....and they will.....

Sometimes, the snark just writes itself. And those are the commercials I live for.

This ad is allegedly for cheap-quality non-Blublocker sunglasses called "Special Ops" (I guess.  I'm not watching this more than a few times.)  It's actually a parody for every product peddled by phony weekend warriors and pitched to paranoid survivalists who have already maxed out on Glenn Beck's Emergency Food and guns....right?

I mean, this can't be real.  Kris "Tanto" Paranto (whose nickname is known only to himself) can NOT be serious with his schtick, can he?  All that "matter of life and death" to "know your surroundings" while crawling through the desert or a swamp....that's either a joke or an Alex Jones wet dream, take your pick.

Anyway, these amazing sunglasses are just what you need to spot the enemy- Obama or Hillary, specificially- before they get close enough to make a grab for your Bible or your gun.  So they are an absolutely essential addition to any Patriotic, Freedom- Loving American who wants to do his part to Make America Great Again.

Or, like I said before, this is a joke.  I'm going with joke.  I have to.  This is the world I need to live in, after all.

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