Saturday, January 26, 2019

Aspiration Presents: Virtue Signalling with a freaking Bullhorn

Seriously, there is so much ridiculous piled into this short ad, I hardly know where to start.

All that happens in this ad is that a woman notes while jogging that someone is selling flowers "cash only," gets some cash, and buys some flowers.  That's it.  Somehow this is presented as doing something amazing for the human race- no, never mind the human race, the PLANET.  Oh, she does interrupt her jogging to toss something into the recycle bin, which I guess qualifies her for Sainthood, but really...

After noting that she needs cash if she wants to buy flowers, this woman buys a cup of coffee using a debit card which is just sitting in a big floppy pocket of her jogging suit, waiting to leap to freedom first chance it gets.  That's a pretty stupid way to carry around a debit card, lady.  Oh, but then she walks over to the ATM in the coffee shop and withdraws twenty bucks- what the hell is with you, stupid woman?  You couldn't just get cash back from the coffee purchase?  You know what, if you had gone to the nearest 7-11 instead of this pretentious coffee shop you could have got that $20 WITHOUT wasting time at an ATM machine.

(Oh, and "FDIC Insured?"  Isn't that kind of required for a bank to operate within the borders of the United States these days?)

Then she goes back outside and buys a bouquet of flowers from the flower lady.  She hands the flower lady TWENTY DOLLARS for a small bouquet and walks away with the bouquet AND NO CHANGE.  So this ridiculous jogging woman just went for a run with her debit card, saved the planet by tossing something into a recycle bin, bought a coffee, used an ATM, and handed twenty bucks to cart salesperson for what looks to be maybe $5 worth of flowers?

What is this woman Aspiring too?  Bankruptcy?  I mean, come on.  What the hell is the matter with you, stupid jogging woman?  And what's with that permanent look of Enlightened Liberalism you've got stitched into your face?  What Amazingly Progressive thing did you do that I obviously missed?  'Cause I don't see giving a flower woman a $15 tip as advancing any cause unless it's the depletion of your bank account.

(Why did this woman buy coffee in the first place?  Who interrupts jogging to buy coffee?  Is she just going to walk back home now with her coffee and flowers?  I bet the cashier at the coffee place wished she had used the ATM first and paid cash for that coffee, considering what an awesome tipper she is.  Instead, she didn't tip THAT guy AT ALL because she used plastic and THEN got cash.  What the serious heck is going on here???)

And while we're at it, what is wrong with the person who asks about the background music in the comments?  Are you freaking insane, or what?

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  1. Your observations were spot on. Didn't notice 'cause I was kinda focused on that luscious @$$. Tasty.