Sunday, January 27, 2019

Kind of messed up, Good2Go

The guy in this ad is waiting for someone to pick him up and give him a ride to work- he's got a job, see, and he's got a truck, but he can't afford INSURANCE, so if you stick a newspaper under it that truck becomes the world's biggest paperweight.  I'm not sure if it would become the world's most expensive paperweight, 'cause I haven't checked lately.

Talk about doing everything backwards.  This guy has a job.  He's got transportation.  So why can't he buy insurance?  I strongly suspect it's because he's got years of accidents on his record and no reputable company will have anything to do with him without requiring a month-to-month policy and prohibitively high payments- so why did he buy that nice new truck?

But here comes Good2Go, which proudly declares it's willingness to sell you a policy that provides the absolute bare minimum coverage under the law, so you and your crappy driving record can get back on the road and endanger more people.  I'll be keeping my eye out for you.

Still looking for the absolute worst Good2Go commercial, which features a mom feeding her kids tuna casserole every night because she's saving up to buy car insurance (man, did those kids loose out in the ol' genetic lottery.)  Once she signs up with cut-rate Good2Go, she's got enough to serve them steak.  Warms the heart, it does.  As soon as someone posts it to YouTube it will be at this blog, I can promise you that.

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