Sunday, January 20, 2019

Two points about this iPhone x "Color Flood" ad

1.  It's an iPhone commercial.  In other words, Much Ado About Nothing and just another sad attempt to get people who already own a perfectly good iPhone to shell out a thousand dollars to "upgrade" it Because Hey It's Just Money Burning a Hole in my Pocket.  I mean, I guess you could convince yourself that you really "need".....ummm.....better color than your current phone offers.  I guess you could.  You probably can, if you've already purched thousand-dollar phones in the past.  So you probably don't need this commercial at all.  What a waste of effort.  Which brings us to....

2.  What a waste of effort.  In the days before CGI, this commercial might justifiably be lauded as a masterstroke of direction and gain plaudits for it's brilliant choreography.  Now we know some jackass with a computer just vomited this out after a few hours of rendering with a software program, and it probably includes no more than a dozen actual human beings jumping around with the rest being digital creations.  Which makes it all just another boring iPhone ad trying to convince us that a thousand dollars is NOT too much to spend for a phone because Hey Check out the Color.

But hey, who am I kidding.  Half of you are probably off to the Apple store like an army of drooling lemmings with credit card in hand to buy the Perfect Phone for the First Quarter of 2019.  Morons.

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