Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Just a few quick questions about this Entyvio Commercial

These people with overactive bladders which are keeping them in the bathrooms while the world goes around them finally seek help from their doctors, good.  No problem with that; that's how it should work.

But when they are finally in that little room with the table covered in paper and that old-timey scale, they tell their doctor their problem and...then what happens?  Apparently the doctor excuses himself, goes into his office, and comes back with a tablet on to which he's downloaded a commercial for Entyvio.  Because....the doctor can't just TELL his patient about the drug he wants her to try?  This guy is billing some insurance company $300 for his time, which consisted of him listening to the patient describe a symptom and then downloading a freaking commercial to show her?  Why does he do this?  Is it because he knows that the patient is more likely to take the advice of a 20-second ad she sees on a flat screen than a guy who actually went to med school?

Maybe that's why he comes back with the commercial-bearing tablet:  "I understand that you're reluctant to begin a regimen which includes a drug with all kinds of nasty side effects.  So here's TV to calm those fears.  You trust TV.  TV would never lie to you.  I'm just a doctor, don't take my word for it.  Here's your Electronic Second Opinion."

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