Friday, May 10, 2019

More fun with GoodRx

1.  This guy just jumps Linda as she's heading to the pharmacy and starts hitting her with questions about that perscription he Just Happened to Notice she's got there in her hand.  I guess he just hangs out around pharmacies looking for people holding bits of paper which kind of look like they were torn off of prescription pads?

2.  Isn't ambushing total strangers on the street to pimp for some service more of a Verizon thing?

3.  The guy then asks Linda how much she thinks her medication will cost.  Well, that's rude- how does he know she doesn't have great insurance that will pay for the medication?  Why does he think this is his business?  And anyway, the answer is $67.  Because in GoodRx commercials, the medication ALWAYS costs $67.  I think they just keep using the same cash register shot over and over.  It's kind of weird.

4.  Having been told about GoodRx, Linda confidently approaches the pharmacy counter, hands the prescription to the pharmacist, and announces that she has a coupon before she's even told that it costs $67.  The pharmacist responds "good coupon," and not what we all know she would actually respond- "um, ok.  We'll have that filled for you in between 3 and 5 hours.  Do you want to wait or pick it up tomorrow?"

5.  Linda ends the commercial by giving herself a personal high five. Because there's not a whole lot going right for Linda these days.  I mean, she's getting assaulted on the street by intrusive spokeschoads who assume that she's got crappy or no insurance and must watch every dime, and she sees a coupon for some drug as scoring a serious victory over The System.  I suspect that Linda does cartwheels every time the 7-11 cashier informs her that she's scored a free Big Gulp.

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