Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Lexus Brings the Awful, just in time for Christmas!


At the end of this ad we see that this little girl actually does have parents, and is not being raised by her grandmother who sleeps most of the day and leaves her to her own devices.  I wasn't sure- until that last scene, it looks for all the world that this kid is completely unsupervised through the day, as she is able to haul wires and decorations outside and make an elaborate "landing strip" for the Lexus she wants for some inexplicable reason.*

And of course "it worked! It worked!" because luxury cars do happen to find their way to the driveways of rich people, don't they?  In this case, the Lexus apparently came with a price, though, since the "landing strip" has completely vanished overnight, replaced by this ridiculous car and a giant bow. 

And now that this little girl thinks she can manipulate Santa into dropping very expensive items into her yard, what's coming up next year?  I'm assuming she won't be using this awesome power to summon a cure for grandma's Alzheimer's, or an end to COVID, or anything super-selfish like that.  Especially when she gets a look at the 2023 Audis.  

*maybe she heard Mommy tell Daddy that she's leaving him right after the holidays unless he buys her a Lexus?  

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